Why Us


Here are some reasons why Village Residents say they chose us…. and why they stay!

Top Reasons Residents came to us:

  • We wanted a well maintained area with a low cost of living.
  • Sunshine was recommended to us by a friend, relative or church member.
  • We like the area, the kind of quiet rural setting with lots of trees.
  • It is close to many of the things we want to do.  We do not have to do a lot of driving.
  • Sunshine provides transportation for doctor appointments and good variety of recreational outings.
  • We appreciated the low move-in cost.
  • The Home, Villas and property are well kept.
  • Private streets.  Very little traffic.
  • The Christian Environment.
  • Everything is on one floor – no steps.


Top Reasons Residents stay:

  • It is the best kept secret in Pasco County.  (We guess that means they like the privacy.)
  • Our neighbors are so friendly.  Everyone helps out and looks out for each other.
  • There are so many activities to choose from, plus transportation provided outings and dinners.
  • One can participate as much or as little as they desire.
  • We like the church affiliation.  We appreciate the Christian attitude of the staff and volunteers.
  • Everything is maintained for us, even the filters.  Repairs are always made right away.
  • We can eat in the care center whenever we desire.  The all you can eat food is excellent, the cost is far less than eating out and we can bring guests.
  • Safety and security.  We feel that we can walk our streets at any hour without fear.
  • We love the extreme low cost of living.  In addition to the small maintenance fee, we pay for only our telephone and electricity.
  • If we need meals while recuperating, they are delivered to us at no extra charge.
  • There are many opportunities to volunteer and feel needed in the community.  (We have nearly 150 volunteers who assist in a great variety of ways which gives them the satisfaction that comes from helping others and helps keep our operating costs down.)
  • We have a mission at SCH to provide “Quality care in a Christian environment”.  We take the mission very seriously and practice it daily.