Because it’s sometimes difficult for residents to travel around town by themselves, we provide scheduled, local transportation.  This can be to and from doctors’ offices, grocery stores, and many other places of interest, within a 5 mile radius.  (Anything further would have to be approved in advance by the Administrator.)

To arrange transportation services, please see Maggie, in the front office.  Whether you live in an independent villa, or in the care center, we are here to help you get to where you need to go.  A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is preferred, but we understand when something is out of your control.  Please be aware, there are no individual scheduled appointments on Fridays and weekends.  Keep this in mind when making your appointments.

Finally, there is no charge for this service; we provide this as a courtesy to our residents.  If a resident needs an escort for the entire appointment, and should a family member not be able to attend, there will be a $15/hr charge for an employee to go.  NO TIPS PLEASE!!   You can always send in a donation to a fund or your choice. Click this link, Donation, for the list.