Safety and Security


Resident Care Staff

There’s no substitute for feeling safe. Whether you’re looking for a residence for a family member or trying to gain an added sense of security for yourself, it’s important to have peace of mind.  A resident care staff member is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to lend a hand should the need arise.


Residents living in the care center are assigned a pendent upon admission.  Should the need arise that they need assistance, all they would need to do is push the button on the pendent.  This notifies the monitoring company who in turn, notifies us with the room number of the resident in need of assistance.  Residents in the Memory Care Unit have call lights in their rooms and bathrooms.

Visiting Hours

Even though there are no “set” visiting hours, we do lock the entrances in the evening.  Should you want to come in after hours, you can ring the doorbells which are located at the Main Entrance and the Enhanced/Memory Care Unit (West Wing) entrance.  A staff member will come and let you in.

Secured Unit 

The Enhanced/Memory Care Unit is a locked unit 24/7.  There is a screened patio area for the residents in the Enhanced/Memory Care Unit to enjoy.  They can also go out into a fenced courtyard area for visits with family members or friends.  For the safety of a wandering resident, the doors are coded for entering and exiting.  You will need to ask a staff member for assistance to enter or exit.  Please do not let anyone exit the unit with you that could possibly be a resident.  If you are not sure, ask.

Video Surveillance

Sunshine Christian Homes is also equipped with a video surveillance system.  These cameras are not located in any rooms or private areas, but instead are in common areas like the hallways, exit doors, and grounds.

Safety Committee

Our Safety Committee Team meets quarterly to discuss any incidents, and ways to prevent further incidents from occurring.  They will also perform a full walk through of the facility looking for any safety hazards.  Additionally, the entire staff is on the lookout daily for safety concerns.

Fire Alarm System

The facility is also equipped with a Fire Alarm and sprinkler system.  The alarm system is monitored, maintained and inspected by a licensed company.  If a pull station is tripped, or if a smoke detector sensor is activated, the fire department is automatically notified.   Sunshine Christian Homes has a fire safety plan in place that is not only approved by the state, but also our local fire marshal. Residents are not permitted to have heating pads, electric blankets, candles, matches, lighters, hot plates or microwaves in their rooms as part of our fire safety plan.

 Disaster Preparedness

The State Emergency Operations Center reviews our Disaster/Hurricane Preparedness plan annually.  Upon admission, the resident and family are given the choice as to whether they will want to evacuate with the facility, or make their own arrangements, should an evacuation be necessary.