Visitation Guidelines


All guests who enter the building are asked to stop at the Reception Desk for the Main Entrance or at the Resident Care Station for the Enhanced Care wing to be screened.  This includes vendors, third party providers, visitors and essential caregivers.  Emergency personnel are permitted to enter the building at any time without being screened. 

Guests are welcome to visit Residents in common areas, outdoor areas, or Resident rooms.

As a reminder:

  • There are no set visiting hours; however, the Main Lobby doors are locked at dusk and the Enhanced Care Wing doors are secured at all times. To enter the building at either entrance, please ring the bell by the doors.
  • There is no limit to the duration of visits or to the number of people who visit the Resident.
  • Guests wishing to visit on the Enhanced Care Wing are encouraged, but not required to call in advance of visiting in order to accommodate private visitation in semi-private room settings.
  • Residents may leave the facility for visits to family, shopping or meals if desired.

Visitors are requested to wear masks, covering their nose and mouth, while visiting in the facility or to social distance while visiting in outdoor areas. 

Essential Caregivers may be chosen by a Resident; there is no limit to the number of Essential Caregivers, please contact the Resident Services Coordinator for information.

In the event that visitation must be temporarily limited or suspended at Sunshine Christian Homes, Essential Caregiver visitation will still be permitted as long as the Essential Caregiver(s) complies with screening protocols. 

Accommodations for special circumstance visitation for end-of-life situations; major medical or financial decision-making; to offer support to a Resident who is grieving or experiencing emotional distress; if a Resident requires cueing to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or caretaker; if a Resident who was previously talking or interacting is now seldom speaking or interacting; or if a Resident is struggling with the change of environment after recently moving into the community will be permitted under the Essential Caregiver protocols. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Sunshine Christian Homes will comply with all Federal, State and County guidelines for managing the risks to Residents, staff and guests associated with COVID or other pandemic threats.